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Post by Guest on Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:12 pm

Connie did as instructed. Leaving the mall with her lap top tucked safely in the tote bag she picked up from the mall store, she jumped onto her heelie wheels and rolled down the street toward City Hall. She flipped her toes down to stop at the end and looked about. It had been a while since she had been to City hall. She pushed her short hair out of her face and huffed. She took a left and saw the big important government maintained building that she knew to be the one she was looking for. She kicked up her heels and rolled the rest of the way to her destination, stopping at the stairs. Once she entered, there was no turning back. She would be officially introduced, and inducted into this new group of people who would expect her to fulfill there dreams for them. People would count on her for things. People she didn't know. People she could possible detest. Her mind raced with second thoughts of doubt and fleeing as she walked up the stairs. She reached her hand forward and gripped the door handle. She stood there. Once open, full control over her own life with no regards for any other life was done. She would be expected to fill a place and protect strangers. She didn't move. She argued with herself. Her power hungry side ached to open the door and take hold of what could be a future position of power, while her emotional side told her to run far, fast, and to never look back, to get as far away from this bad scene as she possibly could.

But she opened the door.

She walked inside.

She looked for other mutants like herself.

"Hello...?" she said calmly.


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