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Reox War

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Reox War

Post by Reox War on Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:38 am

Name: Aerrow Nire



Aliases: Reox War (Anagram of his first name)

Rank: Alpha (Maybe Omega)

Gender: Male

Birthday: 13th January

Age: 25

Blood Type: A Rheasis Negative

Hair: Black with blood red tips at shoudler length

Eyes: Dark Green

Height: 6 foot 4

Weight: 135 pounds

Family: Father (Dead)
Mother (Dead)
Younger brother (Presumed dead)

Pet: Ami

Clan Name: Saviors (Leader)

Master(s): None

Trainer(s): None


Allies: : Elena Vexus, Chibi

Romantic Interest(s): None

History: Reox used to have a small family; his father, mother and younger brother lived together until the earthquake came that killed his father and more than likely his brother when he was just 14, because of his families death his abilities erupted and manifested into the abilities he has now, the fact he can control his powers so easily makes him an alpha rank.

Personality: Reox is rather quiet and withdrawn, he trusts no one, not even anyone amongst members of the Saviors and tends to wander around Zibyl on his own, usually looking for any sign of troublesome mutants; he is very much a loner in the sense that while he has allies he has no friends to speak of and distances himself from the others, always keeping them at arms length. That being said Reox is a good leader, hes tactical, intelligent and decisive, his word in the saviors is law and he'll quickly finish off anyone who tries to over take him or go against his word. Reox also happenes to be an Ace computer genious and an excellent hacketr, he carried his laptop with him wherever he goes jsut in case.

Powers: Elementalist- Able to control fire, earth, wind, water, light and darkness elements, he can also see outlines of spirits and can even understand their feelings (As in hes an empath) but this isn't a mutant ability it was something he was born with and never told anyone.

Abilities: Having the power of the elements mean he can pretty much do anything with them using air can enable him to fly or jump large distances, Fire can crate a shield or burn anything in his way, Water can be frozen and turned into Ice, and Earth can bend to his will; Reox's abilites with his powers are pretty endless, there is very little that can stop him.

Equipment: Lock picks, smoke bombs, frag grenades, his Laptop and Cell phone (He never answers it but members of the saviour can call it and leave messages for him)

Transportation: A motorbike Reox considers his baby, he calls it Myra.


Twin daggers:
Twin pistols:
Wrist crossbow:
Reox War
Reox War

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