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Post by Rebecca Kane on Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:40 am

Name: Rebecca Kane

Rebecca Kane NancyCharrie

Aliases: Becca,Ms.Kane

Rank: Beta

Gender: Female

Birthday: Unknown

Age: 19

Blood Type: OPOS

Hair: black with red

Eyes: red

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130

Family: She left them behind to be on her own, she doesn't know how they are doing and refuses to talk about it. She has a Mother,Father, and a brother.

Pet: none

Clan Name: none

Master(s): none

Trainer(s): none

Trainee(s): none

Romantic Interest(s): no one for now

History: Rebecca grew up with a normal family. When she turned the age of 17 she began to have such powers and it made her a freak. Some people thought her powers were a good thing but that was a short few. Her family began to deny her as no matter how pretty the colors and all were, it didn't stop them from seeing their daughter as a total freak. One day when she was arguing with her parents, Her father lashed at her shaking her. Her eyes turned red and she finally had it, she moved her hands at him and pushed him back into a wall. She walked to her room in a rage grabbing a bag and filling her clothes with it. Her mother and father made their way to her door but she simply pushed her hand near it and it closed and locked right in their faces. She zipped her bag up and jumped onto her window sill, she looked back at the door hearing her parents yelling. She looked down at her other hand then jumped from her 2 story house, running off to become what she is now. Rebecca is an emotional girl but sometimes just keeps to herself about her thoughts and feelings. She loves to help out but obviously doesn't know what to do when it comes to it. She is a very shy girl and its hard for her to adapt to new things. Rebecca is still somewhat of a child but tries to keep a mature image around others. When left alone or with only one other person, that is when the real Rebecca comes out.

Powers: Sound Conversion: ability to transduce sonic vibrations,
which reach her body into various types of light. This ability seems to
operate over a great range of frequencies, including the audible
spectrum (35 to 16,500 cycles per second), and a great variation of
sound pressure levels regardless of the complexity, dissonance, or
randomness of the sound. For example, a car crash and a symphonic
passage of equal duration will both produce usable music incoming
acoustic vibrations. Rebecca, however, does prefer the sound of music,
particularly that which is rhythmically sustained. Not only is music
more pleasant to her ears, but the steady beat of popular music
provides a more constant source of sound to convert. However, she
cannot use any sound produced by her own body.

* Sound Release: ability to release the absorbed sound in one burst.

Light Projection: Rebecca possesses a body-wide energy field
that controls the energy levels of the outer electron shells of her
body in such a way as to cause the cascaded release of photons. In
effect, this field is lasing, with the apparent efficiency of a laser
(99.9%). The released energy is far greater than the incoming kinetic
energy and therefore must involve an outside energy source, the nature
of which is unguessable. Left undirected, Rebecca’s light will
radiate from her body in all directions, producing regular flashes of
white light (white light is a mixture of all portions of the visible
spectrum). By conscious control over the light she produces, she can
control its direction, frequency (color), amplitude (intensity), and
duration. Apparently Rebecca must consciously or subconsciously
will the light to leave her body. Otherwise, light would “leak” from
her at all times, even when she is asleep or unconscious. She can
produce numerous effects with the light she converts from sonic
vibrations. She can simply cause a bright glow all about her body. She
can create very simple patterns out of rays of light like circles,
squares, triangles, and stars. She can create a pulse of light on the
order of several thousand watts seconds of power, which temporarily
blinds people with its brilliance. She can create a chaotic cascade of
sparkling lights and colors that severely upsets other people’s
equilibrium, or a pulsating strobe-light effect. She has learned to
manifest her light as:

* Lasers: By concentrating, Rebecca can
generate a coherent beam of light, approximating a laser beam, with
which she can cut through virtually anything. The field thus operates
in a similar fashion as the process that creates a laser (Light
Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) and apparently has
the same efficiency as a laser (99.9 percent). The released energy is
far greater than the incoming kinetic energy and therefore must involve
another, unknown energy source as well.
* Photon Blasts:
* Illumination
* Strobes
* Dazzle: ability to release a chaotic burst of color and light.
* Holograms: with effort, she can even create holograms of human beings and other three-dimensional beings and objects.
* Rocket Burst: ability to gain vertical altitude by direction a quick column of light beneath her.
* Destructive Shield: ability to create a
destructive shield of light around herself with laser light that can
vaporize small, oncoming projectiles.
* Light Mist: A glowing or hazy almost fog like effect that obscures the surrounding area

Light Immunity: her body, especially her eyes, shields itself
against any injurious effects of her light transducing abilities, and
against those of bright lights in general
Sound Immunity: her ability to transduce sound also protects her from being deafened by loud noises.

Resurrection Factor: presently afflicted with a mysterious resurrection factor which prevents her from being killed by conventional methods.

Abilities: Conventional Methods

Equipment: A bag full of her clothes and other things that she keeps close to her.

Transportation: none

Weapons: A whip,her hands,her mind, and a boombox
Rebecca Kane
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