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The Rules

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The Rules Empty The Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:05 am

The Rules...follow them and we will all have a good time.

All Role play related Post require you to use correct grammar Or try to anyway.

Don't post anything until everyone involved has posted too, This involves taking turns do not post twice in a row.

Your character must be able to be defeated by everyone you don't have to take it lying down you just can't be invincible to anyone, to further help this simply Pm one of the Admins and they will assist you in case you think. It may be God modding. another way to determine this is as long as they give you a chance to defend then it is not God modding. If it seems like it is impossible to evade Pm a Admin and they will verify.

When In a fight only two moves per post unless it is all one big jutsu with multiple effects. (Taijutsu and Summoning mostly)

You are only allowed two characters.

To Post Pornographic Images results in a Permanent ban. ((Pornographic images have anything at all dealing with sex even animals))

Be respectful at all times. Rudeness, flaming, insults, and general disrespect is not tolerated.
We strive to be a friendly, welcoming community whose members are expected to act maturely. If there is a conflict, you are to handle it in a calm and respectful manner. Discretion is also your friend, help us keep this a drama-free zone.

There is to be no "net-speak" in RP posts. Do not use abbreviations like "ur" and "sum1" or you will be warned. RPing is for proper writing. Please also restrict the use of smilies to your out of character posts / comments only.

No advertising.
Unless you have consent from the admin.

Use proper spelling and grammar. Don't make it a pain for others to read your posts. Many sites offer quick Spell Check. We don't ask you to be English experts, but basic English would be a good start.

Now here is something I want you all to know.
I encourage freedom of roleplaying styles and such.
You are not restricted when it comes to being creative with your character.
For Instance you If you want to be a race that is not listed or a class that is not listed. Then you can be that.
You are free to be whatever you wan to be.

If you are unsure of anything on this site. or maybe you want to help change a few rules to better accompany everyone or help people better understand.

Then go ahead and message me with your ideas


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The Rules Empty Re: The Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:41 pm

Any forum containing the following elements and/or behaviours will be deleted without further notice :

  • Sexual and/or pornographic content
  • You may not Post until your character has been approved.
  • Hateful or abusive content
  • Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
  • Sale
    or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed
    practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any other
    illicit substance
  • Copyright infringment / hacking
  • Spam / phishing and/ or malware website
  • Credit card fraud


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