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Devkans 'Reaper' Sliverkin

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Devkans 'Reaper' Sliverkin Empty Devkans 'Reaper' Sliverkin

Post by Reaper on Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:31 pm

Name: Devkans Sliverkin

Appearance: Devkans 'Reaper' Sliverkin 1181057509830

Aliases: Reaper

Rank: Beta

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 13

Age: 22

Blood Type: AB+

Hair: Reddish Orange

Eyes: Dark Blue

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 176 lb

Family: None

Pet: None

Clan Name: N/A

Master(s): N/A

Trainer(s): N/A

Trainee(s): N/A

Romantic Interest(s): None as of yet.

History: Devkans was born on the island of Zibyl to his single mother Elia, She raised him as best she could before the earth quake struck. In an atemp to help Devkans, Elia as struck by a falling beam that killed her instantly. Dekans lives to this very day in his home, where, over the years he slowly developed his powers which started appearing soon after his mothers death.

Shape shifting: Devkans can rapidly mutate parts of his body into deadly weapons. Such as turing his hands into large claws in order to cut down foes, or forming a large sheald with one arm.

Abilities: By Mutating his legs Devkans can jump long distances and run at extordanty speeds.

Equipment: Nothing but the clothes on his back.

Transportation: His feet.

Nothing but his powers.

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