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Ragna The Blood Edge

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Ragna The Blood Edge

Post by Hellion on Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:09 pm

Insert password: *********


Firewall system logged on.

Good to see you 2350.

Here is the information you requested:

    Beginning Download

Data transfer complete....
Loading ... 0%

Opening file: ‘Virus Overlord’

...File loaded....

Ragna Hellion



Aliases: The Hellion, Hell, The Shadow Boss, The Ratchet, The Blood Edge, Ragna. Ragna the Blood Edge

Rank: Omega

Gender: None (He has no reproductive Organs, taken away from him at young age)

Birthday: ???

Age: N/A

Blood Type: ???

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Red/Green

Height: 6 ft 6 in

205 lbs. (All Muscle)

Family: Unknown

Pet: None

Clan Name: Psylos (Formerly Cylos)


Trainer(s): None

Trainee(s): Several Minions that work in his gang.

Romantic Interest(s): None

Ragna was a boy raised in Germany, his father a Nazi general, they took his mother as soon as he no longer needed to be breast fed and he was tamed and trained into the perfect killer. Going through rigorous training, from lifting objects twice his mass, to being beaten daily to make him feel no pain. At a young age he had always had telepathy, and telekinesis. He was born a freak with gifts, the origins of his power start from the moment his mother was taken from him as a baby he would cry and cause earthquakes, knives and other objects were hurled at anyone that came near him.
At the age of 12 he tried to kill, himself only to fail and be severely punished by his guardian. He was locked in a cage for 5 years given a set amount of food that had to last him a week. It was nothing but Three bottles of water and two loaves of bread. In the mean time he would get visits from his father where his training would continue. 600 sit ups a day, push-ups until his muscles popped, and ripped from the pressure. His body was pushed to the point where he would go days, nothing but a vegetable. His muscles in to much pain to move forward. As all boys did he came of age, and on his Seventeenth birthday he was to become a ultimate soldier. It took 56 men to restrain, and sedate him to prepare him for a operation. He then lost his man hood, and his reproductive organs were removed.

I was already broken, now they just wanted to kick at me for the hell of it....

His fondest memory was when he was officially given his first assignment. This assignment was to kill the man that put him in the army, the man that made him suffer more then anyone else. His father, he did this with precise punishment. He did not kill his father right away he tied him to a chair and made him suffer. He only dreamed of putting his father in the worst of situations. The mission required a swift death. Soon after he tortured his father with the best he could think of, he then left him in a room strapped to several small volts that would leave him to get surged with electricity. He then sat there as his father begged for a quick death, his father begged for forgiveness, he then it a jittery manner bit of his own tongue and died slowly. He wanted it to end so badly. Ragna was pleased....

I had extracted my revenge on one of many
my next goal...
is to make the world that had forgotten me suffer

He was left to do other missions that is until Hitler and his forces surrendered. He was not captured, or trialed, since his existence was kept secret.
He came to Zibyl as a mercenary for hire in the underground market. He was the top of his class and all of his jobs were done without anyone having any leads. He was the perfect Assassin. He eventually got tired of working for others and made his own gang called the Cylos. Together they ruled over the city that is until all the other gangs, got mutant powers. They slowly began to fall out and Ragna was alone again, that is until one day he discovered a small round sandstone disc, he picked it up and his mind was blown away with insight. His powers were greatly enhanced by this, his power making him feel invincible. Before his Psychic abilities were nothing to other mutants there abilities far surpassing his own. Now that he had the power he would make a new gang called the Psylos. This being a group of psychic users with highly advanced skills. All of them trained by Ragna himself. He became well known in the underground world of Zibyl and till this day the upper people only know him as the ratchet. This name was given to him, by the government, because he always threw ratchets in other peoples plans, this would cause them to fall apart.


Astral Plane


Primary Weapon:
Plasma Blade Rifle
This sword is carried with him everywhere he goes. It can shoot up to 50 bullets with one pull of the trigger. It has a lazer light source used for cutting through everything.

Secondary Equipment:
Dual Pistols
Both Pistols capable of firing 35 bullets in under Thirty seconds. This is what he uses when he needs to put distance in between him and his opponents. Using his telekinesis he can curve the bullets at will.

Ak-47 with scope and Silencer.
He chooses this gun to fire extreme long distances and short range bullets. When he goes on a assassination mission. Most say it is unorthodox to use such a weapon, but this is a weapon that can switch from very long, to long, to distant, to close combat.

Red 1969 Dodge 'Hemi' Charger which he named Adri, which he maintains and cleans with a near-obsessive fastidiousness. On several occasions, the car has become an instrument of death and destruction.

His over all power is a form of deep Mental Physic bending. His power can only be described as a massive brain influx that has granted him a mastery of his power the instant he gained them. His mind has the equivalent power to beat the worlds best computers all at once. This has given him gifts on a level that have caused his body to adapt to his brains will.

Psychomimetic: Subconscious form of telepathy, which allowed him in proximity with another person, to scan and internalize the knowledge and skills of others, giving him the ability to duplicate any non-superhuman talent. He acquired mental and physical abilities, be it knowledge over a subject, a foreign language, or mastery of a fighting style. However, he was unable to retain that knowledge. When the person left the room, Hellion no longer retained information. This power was always on. He was also able to predict attacks in order to avoid them.

Psionic Exo-Armor: possesses a psionic body armor that grants him increased strength and endurance. In addition, the body armor greatly strengthens the force behind his offensive blows and protects him from a significant degree of physical harm.

Telekinesis: Hellion, classified as a first-class telekinetic before the blocks on his mind were unlocked, is able to move solid matter with a thought. He can use this to various effects. He is able to fly, create small kinetic shields,unleash powerful blasts of telekinetic force and manipulate objects from a distance. Hellion was able to reach a flight speed of at least twice the speed of sound, but was severely injured from the physical strain afterward. He is having trouble focusing his abilities e.g. blowing holes in the floor while picking up a paper clip, His force fields can withstand the friction and wind pressure of moving at speeds beyond the speed of sound.

telepathically senses the emotions of people around him. He cannot control feelings that do not exist in the target. His eyes usually glow when he utilizes these powers. He is bombarded by the emotions of people around him, and that he must fasten on a single, strong emotion to protect himself from being overwhelmed.

Precognitive Dreams:
Precognitive abilities, which manifest themselves in his dreams, enabling him to envision possible future events. Although there are countless possible futures, Hellion foresees the most probable future path, and therefore his predictions usually come true. Hellion seemingly cannot foresee events more than roughly a few days in the future. Hellion's precognitive power developed to the point at which he could see images of future events when conscious.

Dream-Self Projection:
Ability to place himself in a trance-like state while remaining fully conscious. While he is in this trance, he can project an intangible, ghostlike image of himself to another location, through which he can see and hear what goes on at the location. What hellion has called the “dreams” he has while in this state are not truly dreams, but his conscious awareness of the environment into which he has projected his “dream-self.”

Hypnotic Charm: Ability to "charge" the kinetic energy within a person's brain, allowing a subtle influence over any sentient mind. This power allows Hellion to compel others to believe what he says and agree with anything he suggests. More powerful minds have proven immune to Hellion's charm.

Retarded Aging:
His molecular rearrangement ability has allowed him to constantly renew his cells, thus he’s unable to age.


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Re: Ragna The Blood Edge

Post by Hellion on Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:56 pm


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