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Our Story so far.....

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Our Story so far..... Empty Our Story so far.....

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:12 am

On the Island of Zibyl, lay several chemicals under the city, 13 years ago, a massive earthquake caused the Island to break away from the continent, as chemicals spread throughout the entire area. Everyone believed it was nothing but a mere toxic gas from the earth crust. 12 years later a epidemic breaks out. Several people children and young adults, all of them mutated. The land was then cut off from the mainland. The people of Zibyl Island left to fend for themselves.

Apocalyptic mayhem covers the area. Riots are commonplace kidnappings everyday, but that is not the worst of it.......Scientist went to discover the origin of the gas and found many artifacts and tomes. These said artifacts giving anything they touch a mutation, some aim to seek out said power. Several factions have rose out of the mayhem. For years and years, people have been fascinated with the unexplainable, the weird, and the mutants. One man made a place for all of those mutants to come and live in peace South Town, better known as the mainland. It was made for them to show off and be proud of who and what they are. This did not last some of them lost there minds, and some of them grew more disgusted with themselves. They even went so far as to hate themselves, and others like them. The Artifacts today are now the only clue to what is causing the mutations.

How did the gas affect your life?

How will you live afterward?

You will simply have to jump into our world and find out.

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Our Story so far..... Empty Re: Our Story so far.....

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:42 pm

Plot Update: 8/12/09

Recently Omega Furen went into a
rampage between himself and his mutant self, the cause being the tear
of his genetic daughter. This disagreement between him and the Mutant
self cause a violent dispute over who'd assume control over the body,
resulting in a rampage to break out. After defeating the mutant version
of himself he gains control and flees the battle. The Island rises
forth from the water revealing more land mass then before. Land that
was lost and once buried underneath is now above and ancient crypts and
tombs that house the meteor from whence the relic came from now no
longer as isolated. Furen goes to discover the truth with Rebecca's aid
and then return to Reox to announce the truth to the island itself.
Soon the discovery is made that the government has cut the program.
Hellion rises from the City Hall and announces that he nominates
himself as the new leader of Zibyl Island motivating the people with
the notions of leading them off the island back to civilization and a
place where they can lead normal lives once again. So now lines are
being drawn, you must decide on which side you stand, and you only have
few paths to choose from.

Elena and P!nk - those who vow to find a cure only for the strongest and best whom serve underneath Elena.

Hellion and the Psylos - who vow to get everyone off the island

Reox and the Chaos Saviors - who carry the ideal of making the island into a strong proud nation on its own.

have it a fourth and final faction exists as a neutral tone to the
power struggle of the three powers. The Friqus are members who simply
protect the innocent people that do not wish to get involved in this on
coming war of mutants.

Originally there were five
relics that rained down on the Island. Elena being the one who
monitored the meteor they came from, wanted to harness by doing so the
location where the meteor landed forced the Island to split and it
released toxic gas everywhere thus causing multiple mutations. There
are Four more relics that are unaccounted for.

The flow of power is determined by who has the most artifacts.


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