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An uninvited gift

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An uninvited gift

Post by death13245 on Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:49 am

The old man sighed as he sat there watching the day go by. He blinked seeing a van sporting signs that it was keeping something important inside and he sighed seeing no one around. Two men came out holding this box in their hands with care as they quickly opened up the back of their van pulling out a young teenager tied and gagged. The man blinked standing up noticing the two men hadn't noticed him. He saw them wearing white lab coats and frowned when one took out this weird needle preparing to inject it into the boy. He quietly walked up to them and roared one of his blades. "You two shouldn't be cruel to kids." He said as the two panicked and tried to attack him. He sighed and dodged them knocking them out with the butt of his swords. He went up to the boy who screamed loudly when he came close. The old man groaned feeling a headache as he heard a constant buzzing sound the moment the kid screamed and god it was loud. He backed up staggering. One of the men in lab coats groaned blinking slowly getting up. The man didn't see the man in white as he smirked and was able to stab the neddle into his hand before running away. The guy growled and took it out seeing some of the liquid had gone into him. He groaned staggering away. A white ish black glow slowly comes from his right hand as he walks off trying to ignore the headache and now the pain in his hand.


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