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“You can’t hide from us forever…
Stix opened his eyes and looked over at his shoulder. He sighed with relief to see Kailene clutched onto him, even though he did not sleep peacefully. She did, and this put his mind at ease. He gently moved her from around him and rolled away. He stood up and dusted out his shiny black hair. Shaking it wildly because of the dreary bed head he suffered.
He followed up, looking around he summoned Grimmer to his side and then looked at him and smiled. Grimmer looked at him and did not show any emotion. “So uh…Grimmer… You’re inside my head…does this mean you hear everything I think?” Grimmer looked at him. “Yes and no…there are some things I am unable to hear…but your nightmares are all vividly open to me…”
Stix nodded, “So do you know the cause of my nightmares… I mean I understand that there are things I dislike in my life, but I don’t know… this seems to be important, but I don’t understand really… am I still not ready for the real world...” Grimmer looked at him and gave him a dumb stare, “Kid I will tell you like this, anyone who has a partner, has never been completely right in the head… all of the Cyprucho have had some form of trauma in their life which gave their subconscious a personality.
Stix nodded… “But who you are cannot be changed, who you are is what you need to stick with…and then what you need to do is…” He leaned in close to Stix and used his claw to pull him toward his eyes. “GROW SOME BLOODY F***** BACK BONE” He yelled, and Stix cowered in fear. “That, and you need to work on building your skills and knowledge…” He then pushed him to the floor and vanished back into that void of Stix’s mind. “Well that was rather rude….” Grimmer chuckled; “Well you really need to; I don’t want to be stuck with a weakling such as yourself” Stix looked around... “You can talk to me in my head” Grimmer chuckled “You’re a newbie…no since I clearly only exist inside of your mind I can only talk outside of it…”
Stix frowned “Fine, whatever, I am gonna go wake up Kailene…” He then stood up and walked over to Kailene and gently tapped her shoulder, she refused to wake up. He sighed and then shook her, “Just five more minutes I am really tired, I was up fondling Stix all night.” she thought to herself. She let out a snicker in her sleep.
He shook his head “Fine, I will just go gather up all of the stuff myself.” As soon as he turned around, he saw a male, dressed in all black and his eyes covered; he had three staffs on his back. He was hanging upside down on the branches. He lifted a finger and pushed Stix onto the ground. After that, several other people came and began stealing all of their belongings. “Take the girl, sell her into slavery, take the boy and do the same; if either of them refuse kill them.” Kailene woke up in a panic as the men grabbed her and she struggled to try to break free.
Stix was grabbed as well; they grabbed his arms and picked him up as he tried to get away. “Grimmer…” Grimmer then appeared and tackled the men and Stix hit them in their back with his horn. “Queen Rozephilia … one of them is a Cyprus Chosen...” Grimmer then helped Stix up and stared at him, “A strong partner should never get captured.” Stix hit him in the head. “There is no time for that, we have to save Kailene.” The leader then yelled out, “Then let Catchell deal with him.”
Grimmer sighed, “Really? They rescue the girl, then sleep with her, routine is a bit overdone don’t cha think…” Stix sighed “Whatever, now stop breaking the fourth wall and just hurry up and help me.” Grimmer smiled, “That’s more like it, yer becoming less like a worm and more like a Leopard…” Grimmer then ran forward with a gust of wind behind him, going to save Kailene. The male from before took a staff and smacked Grimmer back. “Sorry… but your journey ends here… and your hopes and dreams die along with it…” Stix growled at him.
“I don’t care who you are just get out of my way.” Grimmer then took his sword form and Stix grabbed him, he began to take a running charge at the male. He pulled down his mask so you could see his lips as he grinned. “Come now…Sparta...” A Giant Golem then appeared behind him; his fist, bigger then Grimmer's body, came down and punched Stix with a powerful force. Going so far as to have his body pounded into the ground.
Stix sighed, “Grimmer go back to your normal form, and we will try something different...” Grimmer sucked his teeth. “Kid if we live through this, you and me needs to work on some strategy” He then jumped up; Grimmer began to gather energy in his claw and it had a vibrant glow. The energy could be seen coming from Stix's body and going into the claw. “This is a new move…” said Grimmer. Stix yelled out, “We like to call it…” Grimmer then slammed his claw into the Golems head. “The Shining Bullet…” The Golem’s head got slammed into his shell and could not seem to get it out. They spoke in unison as Stix began to run up toward Grimmer and he transformed into a sword.
Since the Golem had its head stuck in his shell, Catchell was yelling at it, distracted. Stix swung Grimmer at him, Catchell was able to evade it, but his cape had been cut. He sighed, “Sparta X Wolf man…” The Golem then transformed into a wolf like creature and charged at Stix, “Feral Storm…” He then used his giant claws to swing at Stix. Grimmer’s laughter could be heard. “Say good bye to those hands of yours.” The Sword then began to vibrate wildly. The beast’s nails that had clashed with it began to disintegrate at the touch.
Stix acknowledged this and followed up by cutting through the monster’s hands like butter. It roared, “Now we will save our friend.” He then charged toward Catchell. He swung wildly as Catchell dodged every swing, “You haven’t held a sword much in your life that much is clear…” He then took his foot and tripped Stix up, this caused his head to smack into a tree. He fell back, grabbing his head in pain.
Catchell grinned, “I bet you’re completely new to this…” He then took his staff and swung it rapidly as air began to pull into it. “I will end you now…” Taking his staff he slammed it into the ground as a tornado rapidly plummeted to the earth. “Sky Drill…” Stix opened his eyes as the Tornado came down and he closed his eyes, flinching. He then opened his eyes to see Grimmer using his forearm to block the sheer force of it. “My skin is made of metals that, when vibrating, can cut through anything.” he grinned. “This won’t bring me down.” He then ordered Stix to quickly move out of the way. Stix crawled away in a panic, only to have the male’s partner attack him with a bloody stub where his hand used to be.
“This particular one cannot heal like the others.” Stix thought. He then got an idea and picked up a stick from the ground, he swung it and stared off with the monster. Grimmer was still holding the tornado, to the best of his ability, it still continued to grow with intensity. Catchell’s partner then charged with rage and Stix chuckled taking the stick and jamming it in the beast’s eye and deep into its skull. The monster then fell and began to dematerialize. “Grimmer absorb him, quick!”
Grimmer then absorbed the monster and grinned as his claws shaped into a full on fist. The muscles in his legs got bigger and his eyes became sharper. “Now…let's see what I have learned…” The sword that he used to transform into then appeared in Stix’s hand… “That’s sad…you were just like us…. Absorbing other powers… all of the powers you absorbed are still there…just that particular one was a conjurer… you were not really that strong at all... hurry and drop this tornado…you have been defeated.”
Catchell did not agree and kept pushing it. The tornado grew more intense than ever. Stix sighed, “We must kill to survive…” He charged with the sword in hand, stabbed Catchell in the arm, pinning him down. He then took the blade and twisted it, following up he sliced the blade upward out of his arm and the blood splattered across the area. Catchell chuckled, “Well, congrats, you are growing into quite the monster…” He then used his good arm to punch Stix off of him. “Orders are orders, I would love to play this game some more, but you have done too much damage as is…. Go… X Formation”
His partner then appeared, revealing its most powerful form as a giant lion with a star shaped X on its tail and arms. “Now… Kaze Suido!” A giant gust of wind came charging at Stix, hitting him in the gut with a blunt force rather than a slicing action. “You would be surprised to know, that blunt trauma is the best trauma out there…” Stix was beaten senseless. He was on the ground, in pain and suffering; he felt like he had been broken completely…
Suddenly, it began to snow. A white figure stood there, it had a chain tied to its leg and the chain was trailing down right next to a shadowy figure in the distance. “Someone… is in my space…. Zeh… Take care of him….” The white figure from before then jumped down and separated Catchell from Stix, it had bells dangling from what looked like a pointy hat, and the movements were very fluid, almost like water. It danced everywhere, and an annoying laughter could be heard. Its face was covered by a mask that had nothing but a giant smile and reddened cheeks. The eyes were not visible as if it had no eyes, nose, or ears. The skin was whiter then snow.
“Zeh does not like you…” He started to write words in the sky. “A… An Incantation style! ” The rules then appeared as a wall in front of him. “Anyone who states the type of attack being used on them will have the oxygen sucked from them…” He then began to choke, gasping for air. His hope was pointless, but he couldn’t do anything against such power…”
Catchell had fainted, and the attack had ceased. The person chained to the white figure, then came and picked up Stix. “Come on Nyuu, I have a new person to play with Nyuu~” She was carrying him. Slowly, everywhere she went it snowed. “New friend…when will you wake up… I have nowhere to go so you have to get better Nyuu~”
Stix, slowly but surely, opened his eyes to see the small, petite, girlish person carrying him. She had snow white hair and snow white lipstick on, with gray and red make up on her face shaping her to look cat like. Her eyes were covered by her bangs. She was wearing an all white kimono. It was decorated with small bells hanging from her sleeves, and in her hair was a single braid with a bell on it.
“Friend, friend you’re alive, Nyuu!” Stix looked at her slightly confused, but then he remembered and jerked up. “Kailene!” He jumped out of the girls arms and fell into a pile of snow. “Friend, you really shouldn’t move yet, your body is broken beyond repair… you and Grimmer Nee-san took a beating.” A shackle then appeared on her neck, and along with it came Zeh. “Ahh! The almighty Zeh is here! Zeh this is my new friend.” Zeh walked over to him, and a voice could be heard even though his lips could not be seen moving.
“You are a complete novice…” Stix turned around and stared at him angrily. “Well of course… now help me; I have to go save Kailene…” Zeh twisted his head to the side, as his bells jingled in the calm breeze. “You are not strong enough to save your friend… you were not even strong enough to save yourself… how do you expect to save her?” Stix growled, in anger “God damn it!” Zeh looked at his partner and nodded. She then picked him up. “New friend, I will take you to my sacred space… do not touch anything, or do anything unless I give you permission, if you don’t obey this rule Zeh will get mad… and you won’t like him when he is angry.”
Stix nodded, “Fine…” Her hand then began to glow and she tapped his hand. It glowed that same color as Mr. Roberts had done before and she then held his hand as they were teleported into a room, full of colors constantly swirling around each other. There was a single chair, a box, and a table in front of the chair. Stix stood completely still, Zeh then appeared over his head, hands and feet rested on Stix’s shoulders, as his giant build hunched over, and red eyes stared him in the face.
It was a scary sight to see, the once eyeless being having red eyes. “Ok Zeh, where can Stix sit? Nyuu…” Zeh lifted one hand and pointed to the ground. “Ummm Neko…” She nodded. Stix then sat on the ground. “Ok now, it is clear you know what the partners are, but do you know how to make yourself stronger, and teach yourself what is needed to get stronger? You are familiar with the seven Lox right…”
Stix nodded, “Yea, why? I don’t think I need to know much more about them.” Neko smirked, “Every Cyprucho in this forest has its third and fourth Lox already opened, where as you only have one, and because of your mental condition you can’t use two… this means… you are unable to even come close to their level unless, you master your second Lox or you skip it…”
Stix looked at her, “How did you know about that exactly?” Neko smiled, “I have all of my Lox opened therefore I have many powers… unlike you with your two…” Stix sighed, “Then come with me and help me fight…” Neko shook her head, “I refuse to leave… and I cannot come with you so your only option is to stay here and let me teach you…” Stix sighed “Fine, hurry up and show me what to do then.”
“Ok… I want you to get up, and go sit in my chair.” Stix nodded and stood up with Zeh still on his shoulders. He walked forward and stuck out his hand to get the chair, only to have Zeh get angry with him; the red eyes slowly looked down, making Stix feel uneasy. He turned his head and looked at Neko with fear, she nodded and a dark smile appeared similar to the same of Zeh’s.
Stix closed his eyes, touched the chair, and out of nowhere a loud clash could be heard. Grimmer and Zeh had their Claws grinding against each other. The energy they created forced them apart. Stix then ran off in the direction that Grimmer flew in, only to find that he had crashed into another chair. Several after images of Zeh then appeared, circling them both. “So, mind explaining how this helps again…” Neko chuckled, “I will, if you find your reason for fighting, you have opened this Lox before, but now you need to master it like you have with Grimmer.”
Zeh then charged at Stix and slashed towards him. He grabbed him, and then Stix turned into a small Teddy Bear. He stood up and jumped at his new appearance. Grimmer had been forced to turn into a smaller version of his sword. Towering above them was Lord Zeh. Stix took Grimmer and stabbed Zeh in his hand. This did no damage to him. Stix grabbed Grimmer and leaped down only to land on his butt, in a small teddy bear form.
“What do I do…!?! Grimmer what is this third Lox…?” Grimmer sighed, “You’ve forgotten already…kid it’s the heart… so the task is simple, but that is all I can tell you.” Stix turned around and there was Zeh again, ready to kill him. His claws glowed, each one having a different color, as he swung at Stix the claws coming from above. Stix blocked the attack with Grimmer. “Multiply!” In a second, Grimmer appeared in his hand and he took it and swung at Zeh’s stomach.
Zeh grabbed the sword lodged in his gut, his touch made it free instantly. He then sent a surge of electricity into it. This made it glow neon green. The blade then shattered, into pieces. Stix pulled Grimmer away. “Ok then I must to focus, this is all for someone I care about…now how would one unlock the Lox in the heart…” Neko appeared behind him and put him in a master’s lock. “Well, it cannot be done if you fear…”
Stix struggled, “Grimmer Duplicate! Then dual wield!” Grimmer made two swords and then transformed and held them in a fighting stance, trying to be careful not to hurt Stix in the process. Zeh then came and grabbed Grimmer, breaking the sword the same way as before. Several tendrils emerged from his back and grabbed Grimmer, begging to crush him.
Stix grew angry, “Fine… I get it… in order to unlock the third gate you have to be using the first and the second; there is no skipping the second…” Grimmer felt that vibration and yelled out to him. “Stix you don’t need to do that… what if they unlock the third Lox and you lose control and can’t get it back…” Stix sighed, “It's all or nothing.” He then closed his eyes and everything faded to black.
He opened his eyes to see that time around him had stopped. He astral projected himself from his body, and the area warped back into his twisted domain. Grimmer sighed as he was waiting at the already half open door. “You see what I told you… the more you open this Lock the less power it has to keep this door closed… that’s why you have been having those nightmares… I would suggest not doing it…” Grimmer scolded him, disliking the door since it was stronger than he was.
“Grimmer… in order to save Kailene, I am going to do whatever it takes… and besides… we all have to face our demons sometimes…” This was no longer the persona in which Stix was, his slightly insane timid self, when Stix entered this state of mind he was perfectly sane, but that is only because he was soon to tap into a high amount of insanity. “The balance… I always feel most in control right before… I lose all control…” He grinned, “I hope they’re ready for this…”
Stix then walked up to the door and pushed it open; two figures could be seen standing there. A male with short, dark blue hair, with a black streak running through it stood there. Next to him, was a woman with long purple hair, the hair flowed down to her feet, and she had a white streak going through hers. They spoke in unison “Son… we will protect you from the bad people… as we always have…” Their eyes were the same color as Stix’s and they both were wearing all black jump suits.
Stix’s body then began to age rapidly, eventually turning into a skeleton and withering away into dust. Grimmer, growled at them, “Come 612, we have much work to do.” Time then began to move forward once more, Styx chuckled, as he broke the third, fourth, and fifth Lox. “What most people fail to understand is, his second Lox has yet to be opened and controlled, and so what hope does he have of opening the third.”
Aura circled around his body and Grimmer roared and broke free from Zeh. He transformed into a giant sword and flew towards Styx. Styx grabbed him and slammed him into the ground, as cracks in Neko’s world spelled out his name. “Styx is 612.” He then charged at Lord Zeh, his power so great that his nails broke at the sheer force. They then turned their attention to Neko. She sat there, smiling… “Well, he passed this test after all, he did what it took, and it looks like he will be able to get the third Lox, thanks to you to opening the gate for him.
She then began to walk forward, as Lord Zeh, reappeared at full health. She then, began to grow aura, and aura began to come to her. Energy flowed all around her, and she even took aura from Styx. “I will show you what it truly means to be insane.” She then grabbed his body and shattered his sword, with her bare hands. Taking his back and slamming it on her knee. She took her nails and they grew large as she began to cut him.
She opened his chest, and looked through his rib cage to see his heart. She then began to rip out organ after organ, body part after body part. Stix had already been paralyzed and temporarily killed by the knee to his spine. She eventually came across his stomach and smiled. She ripped it out, and set it aside, where then took a blue sphere and set it inside of him. It was small, but it served a purpose.
She then began to put his body back together. Piece by piece, it all came together. His stomach had frozen and began to place a freezing effect on everything else she put back inside of him. She then sewed his chest back up, his lips and eyes were shut and his hands were stitched to his chest. “Now you see, the only way to open the third Lox…and skip the second… is to die… and then be reborn…”
Neko chuckled as Agusti looked at her with slight distrust in his eyes. “We agreed you would not make his condition worse...” Neko smacked him, “I don’t care, I did my job…now leave my mind before you end up far worse than he is right now.” she hissed, and wrapped Stix up in a white body bag, “Take him back to the real world…when he wakes up after leaving my real world… he will realize he can sense and smell Wora… he will most likely try to save the girl… it is up to you to make sure he makes it to the prison first…”
Agusti nodded, staring at the boy… “I wonder what it is that Mr. Roberts has planned… now even I am confused…” He then took the now stitched Stix or Styx, he was unsure and warped from the area they were in and back into the forest where they had originated. “The Styx…is a problem… you must defeat it…” He then began to run to the prison where they had originally had been trying to get to. “Hopefully it is here; you can unlock the next Lox and even better…defeat the Styx who overcomes you with rage.”
He then tossed him over the wall’s edge and he actually broke into the prison. He was stealthy and unnoticed. He then set Stix against a wall and threw a rock at the guards on the other side where they then came running only to see Styx laying there unconscious…

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