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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:41 pm

Name: Francine Maria Enderson (Fo is her nick-name, and is preferred over Francine)

Appearance: Fo RR_Project__Half_Arsed_by_ravenskar

Aliases: N/A

Rank: Beta

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 16

Age: 21

Blood Type: A +

Hair: Black, shines blue in the sunlight

Eyes: Deep green

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 110 lbs

Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Siblings: None

Pet: None

Clan Name: N/A

Master(s): N/A

Trainer(s): N/A

Trainee(s): N/A

Romantic Interest(s): N/A (yet)

History: Francine was orphaned rather young. Her family was lost in an out of season island storm, mother, father, and unborn sister. She grew up as happy as one can be when one is basically alone in life. She liked her family, she didn't love them, but she liked them. Doing as she was told, helping them fix up their old sea-side cabin home. She learned to adore the water. She swam every day, she surfed every day, she fished with the elder man she lived with, she would sail with the tourists. But mostly she would simply sit on the a rock about 6 yards from the shore and just inhale the scent of the water, dipping her toes in, splashing her face and wetting her ratty hair. No amount of brushing has ever been able to tame that mane, but the water always could. The water was her solace, her shelter, and her friend. She stayed with the elder couple until she was old enough to get a job and fend for herself.

She worked in a local family cafe for a few months before the earthquakes changed her life. She ran from the shaking ground, seeking solace amongst her waves. She dove and swam to her rock, but the gas was already changing her. She sat upon her rock and changed. She found the water was doing what she wanted. She found she could control it, and she relished in the joys of such a feeling. She doesn't feel she is monster. The only flaw she has is slightly webbed toes and hands. She wears gloves and shoes to hide them. But she views these as more of an asset, as she can now out swim almost anyone and anything. She can also tell that her eyes flash blue when she feels strong emotion.

Powers: Control of the water element.

Abilities: Being one with the water, makes one very flexible. She can squeeze into the most akward places and swim faster than any normal human could ever hope to.

Equipment: She lives on the beaches, she doesn't have a whole lot.

Transportation: Her legs, and swimming

Weapons: A pocket knife.


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