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Yuan The Seraphim Empty Yuan The Seraphim

Post by Yuan on Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:02 am

Yuan The Seraphim 27


Yuanichi Kenpachi


Yuan The Seraphim FC_yuan-1


Yuan, Ichi, Kenny, Ka-Fai, (One name only his family calls him by)






September 9th



Yuan The Seraphim S023

Blood Type:



Blue (Natural color is Blue)








Oni Waban Kenpachi. Family of high ranking assassins in the Oni Waban Guild. All of them living over sea's in Japan. The Blood in each family is pure, (This means they are all incest and do not mate with outsiders)

Yuan The Seraphim Yuan04

Clan Name:

Oni Waban


Inoue Cirri - Master of Two Swords, Head of the Cirri family
Shinjiro Aname - Master of the Bow Staff, Lieutenant of the Aname family
Zarances Kenpachi - Master of the Rock Fist, Head of the Kenpachi family
Amano Kitsuga - Master of the Psychomime Technique, Youngest in the Kitsuga family
Tai Kenpachi - Master of the Gentle Fist, Mistress of the Kenpachi family


Crowe Kitsuga (Deceased)
Kirin Aname
Kiyon Cirri

Romantic Interest(s):

Yuro Kenpachi (Younger Sister)


Yuan was born in a clan called the Oniwaban, the clan was split into four different families, each having there own unique fighting style. From the day children are born in this family they are all home schooled and raised in a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. In this family everyone is your brother and or sister. There is no father or mother, there is simply the strongest or smartest who is called the head of the family. Yuan would soon be offered the spot of head of his family, tho he declined. Wishing to see the world and break away from tradition. His family was against so he soon later banished him self only to find out cruel the world really was, he began to use his skills to steal for survival up until the day he was caught he spent 6 years in prison to return to his clan which was now reduced to a mere 11 people. The Clan was dying out, being killed by other clans. The Clan then trained Yuan and sent him off with his sister and three other young clansman where it would be up to them to continue the traditions of the family in a new location.

They indeed attempted to do so, but as Yuan's students got older the more they rebelled, this eventually led to the break up of the Oni waban as they all went there separate ways. Yuan then began to look for work as a hired killer, his jobs got bigger and bigger as he moved on. At the request of a anonymous caller, he left for Zibyl on a private jet and came here to receive his orders, it was then that he knew his mission it was to capture all life on the Island other then his own. So he could hand them over to Elena Vexus.

Yuan The Seraphim 48604


Psychomime Technique: Form of telepathy, which
allows him in proximity with another person, to scan and internalize
the knowledge and skills of others, giving him the ability to duplicate
any non-superhuman talent. He acquired mental and physical abilities,
be it knowledge over a subject, a foreign language, or mastery of a
fighting style. However, he is unable to retain that knowledge. When
the person left the area, Yuan no longer retained information. He was also able to predict attacks in order to
avoid them. This is all thanks to FX spheres absorbing Kinetic energy in the atmosphere.


Kinetic Energy Absorbtion: Oni Waban Technology called a FX sphere, pinned to Yuan's chest allows him to absorb kinetic energy from anything that touches his skin. This Ability is activated by pressing the sphere on his chest, it can not be removed because anyone who touches it looses there ability to use kinetic energy (meaning brain waves can not flow to certain body parts) The Oni waban can use this because there bodies are trained to use positive energy as a force exerting it from there bodies by standing still, hence the abreviation FX which is short for Fore Excertion.


FX Sphere
Yuan The Seraphim Yuan-2

This device allows Yuan to absorb Kinetic energy, and revert it into energy he an use. It is a indestructible piece of equipment made from the hardest substance on earth.

Nth metal (also called ninth metal) is a metal found only in Tokyo.
It is native to Oni Waban. Among the unusual properties of Nth metal is the ability to negate gravity, allowing a person wearing an object, such as a belt, made of Nth Metal to fly. In addition, Nth metal also protects the wearer from the elements and speeds the healing of wounds, increases their strength, and protects them from extremes in temperature. It has the ability to make physical contact with the astral, and even knock them out of other bodies.


FX Swallow
by riding on the swallow, he can ride on waves of kinetic energy, as if it were a surf board or surf board. This All being made from Crystalized Adamantium, the substance being literally unbreakable.


FX Swallow
Yuan The Seraphim Yuan_Swallow

This weapon is made from the same equipment as the FX sphere, it even
having two FX spehere on each end. It is a Bow Staff, that can be
broken into two swords. It can do both long and short range damage,
able to shoot pure bolts of kinetic energy when swung correctly.

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